Vestas Ends 2011 With 6GW of Orders for Wind Energy Projects like the Ukraine, Poland, Pakistan, and Brazil have not previously been required to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Last month at Durban, that changed. Orders from nations like these boosted year-end wind turbine business at Danish wind giant Vestas.  The flurry of orders came a month after international climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa, delivered a surprise stipulation that every nation has agreed to, to share binding, international cuts in greenhouse gas emissions within just 8 years.

The unequal requirements of the precursor agreement, the Kyoto Accord, which cut developing nations a break, had long prevented US agreement, and its elimination has resolved a longstanding dispute that prevented international agreement on carbon reductions. Some of these formerly “developing” nations, like Brazil, are now among the world’s highest emitters of greenhouse gases. Like other European renewable energy companies that grew to world domination because Europe adopted tough Kyoto Accord rules that required that Europe use clean energy, Vestas is likely to be a beneficiary of the new agreement. Over the next eight years, all nations will need to rush to get their clean energy in time for the changed climate rules, ready or not. Read more

Alpha Investment Newsletter Sees 13% Upside in the S&P 500 Index Near Term

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Filed under: Americas, Asia-Pacific, Capital Markets, Finance York, September 28, 2011 — Note to Investors:
The S&P 500 Index is at a critical support level for the last few weeks and based on the index price and volume behavior on good and bad days, there appears to be a rally waiting to happen in the near future.

It will release the pent up stress of the last 2 months – August and September – during which time, the S&P 500 Index has coiled up hard and absorbed a variety of bad news.

The Alpha Investment Newlsetter sees 13% upside in the S&P 500 Index near term.

To capture this opportunity, the Alpha Investment Newlsetter is buying the S&P 500 Index ETF at the current price of $115 for a target of $130, or $15 per ETF share, which translates to 13% gain. This rally may happen in the next 4-8 weeks in the run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Read more

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