Market News – 13Oct2015

  • Goldman Sachs will tweet and post earnings news itself, bypassing business wire services
  • London Stock Exchange to sell Russell Investments to TA Associates for US $1.15 bn
  • Visa to launch threat intelligence portal in partnership with FireEye
  • Saxo Payments looks to serve ecommerce growth with global payments infrastructure
  • A Symphony partner aims to enhance workflow with personalized, relevant data

Regarding Goldman Sachs news, the switch to direct news release will give Goldman Sachs more control over dissemination of its data. The firm had reportedly considered making this type of change for a while, and the increasing use of Twitter for data dissemination helped speed the decision, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started allowing companies to use social media to disclose material corporate information 2 years ago in 2013 and a growing number of other firms have followed suit, including Twitter itself.

TextGuard is now MobileGuard and becomes the leader for Mobile Communication Monitoring and Archiving

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Filed under: Americas, Business, Communications, Technology, Telecom and MobileGuard combine resources to provide the most complete Mobile SMS Monitoring, Archiving and Compliance solution to enterprises and small businesses in the Industry.

New York, NY – January 10, 2013:  MobileGuard’s text message monitoring, archiving and mobile compliance solutions, combined with TextGuard’s five years of experience as well as their patented technology for the system and method for automatic data security, backup and control for mobile devices, creates a company which is second to none for mobile compliance solutions. MobileGuard provides a robust and seamless way to read, monitor and archive text messages as well as MMS messages in any organization.

MobileGuard now provides an even more complete and secure method for companies to capture and view mobile communications online for FINRA, SEC and other regulatory compliance agencies. Text messages, photos, SMS and IM (instant messages) are archived and monitored as well as other forms of mobile communications. The smartphone messages include text (SMS) messages for Android, Blackberry and Apple iPhone, as well as BBM, IM and PIN messages for the Blackberry devices. All mobile messages, including telephone call logs and voice conversations are collected recorded and archived for future auditing and reporting purposes. Read more

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