Vestas Ends 2011 With 6GW of Orders for Wind Energy Projects like the Ukraine, Poland, Pakistan, and Brazil have not previously been required to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Last month at Durban, that changed. Orders from nations like these boosted year-end wind turbine business at Danish wind giant Vestas.  The flurry of orders came a month after international climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa, delivered a surprise stipulation that every nation has agreed to, to share binding, international cuts in greenhouse gas emissions within just 8 years.

The unequal requirements of the precursor agreement, the Kyoto Accord, which cut developing nations a break, had long prevented US agreement, and its elimination has resolved a longstanding dispute that prevented international agreement on carbon reductions. Some of these formerly “developing” nations, like Brazil, are now among the world’s highest emitters of greenhouse gases. Like other European renewable energy companies that grew to world domination because Europe adopted tough Kyoto Accord rules that required that Europe use clean energy, Vestas is likely to be a beneficiary of the new agreement. Over the next eight years, all nations will need to rush to get their clean energy in time for the changed climate rules, ready or not. Read more

TextGuard Partner, Quira to Expand its Mobile Compliance Solutions into Eastern Europe

Quira Limited, UK-based leading provider of information security and compliance solutions, will now provide TextGuard’s mobile messaging capture, archiving and compliance solutions to an expanded territory in Europe.

September 23, 2011, New York, NY — TextGuard™, the leading provider of mobile device communication compliance solutions, and its partner, UK-based Quira Limited, a leading provider of information

security and business compliance solutions, will provide TextGuard’s mobile messaging capture, archiving and compliance solutions to an expanded territory. Quira Limited will be expanding their existing territory this fall to include Eastern Europe as well as the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Western Europe.

“With Quira’s success in selling their QuiraPro Solution, we have decided to expand the territory and increase TextGuard’s offerings to other countries. The TextGuard mobile compliance solutions ease an IT department’s burden in the ever changing mobile device arena and improve their information security and risk management of corporate mobile devices”, said TextGuard founder and CEO, Todd Michael Cohan. Read more

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