Ecobrands Offers Free Trial For SagaPro -Herbal Remedy To Help Men With Overactive Bladders and Nocturia

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(Newstron) London, UK. January 8, 2010 – The wild Angelica herb which grows prolifically in Iceland ‘s volcanic uplands has been the source of medical remedies throughout the centuries since Viking times.

Modern herbal research by Icelandic scientist Prof. Gudbjarnason and others on the Angelica archangelica herb harvested in its wilderness habitat, has led to produce a herbal natural remedy called SagaPro. Frequent nocturia is associated with age, especially for men, because the prostate continues to enlarge during most of a man’s life. Scientific studies as well as increasing customer adoption demonstrate the beneficial effect of SagaPro for men with overactive bladders and thus reduce the trips to the toilet at night.

By helping to prevent contraction in the urinary tract, SagaPro is a natural remedy for people with overactive bladder problems, providing assistance in a simple, pleasant and fuss-free way. Saw palmetto is often recommended by herbalists as a helpful treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP). Reports from Iceland indicate that SagaPro Angelica herb tablets offer better results and outsell Saw palmetto in the shops.

Also made from Angelica leaves is a splendid tasting herbal lozenge called Voxis that contains natural antiviral phytochemicals and is excellent for soothing coughs and sore throats.

The best introduction to SagaPro is to try it before you buy it. Order 4 packs of Voxis lozenges and Ecobrands will send you two free SagaPro packs, enough for 20 days.

About SagaPro and Ecobrands:
SagaPro is made by a small biotech firm called SagaMedica which has just received an important Icelandic government grant to continue its research on the biological activity of Icelandic medicinal herbs and market its products to the wider world.

SagaPro is marketed in the UK and worldwide by Ecobrands – a London based manufacturer and distributor of innovative health and wellness products. Customers worldwide can order SagaPro directly from Ecobrands website.

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