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Anchor Tools supplies drills and tools to customers across the world. Anchor Tools aims to provide the best customer service possible, by replying to questions immediately and shipping orders quickly., 18 November, 2011 — We can not talk about the ignition system and its repair without mentioning the flywheel removal which is an important component. This is particular with an engine that has points which are usually found underneath the flywheel. When they are damaged the flywheel must be removed.

The rapid rewind system is a part of the retention devices of the flywheels which are considered illusive. The moment you understand the details on how to use brake rewind tools to take off the rapid rewind cog, you will discover that there is a hard fix of the flywheel on the crank shaft.

The flywheel includes the fins which are found on it. Once there is a break in any of the fins, there will be intense vibration as the engine would go out of balance. Such breakage renders the flywheel useless. Hence care must be taken around the flywheel fins.

In order the take off the rewind cog system, the brake rewind tool that would be required include a screw driver and a wrench pipe. The screw driver is put in between the iron fins while the wrench is inserted in the rewind cog. The crank shaft is rotated in order to allow the screw driver to be pressed against an object which is immovable. Alternatively, a piece of wood should be wedged under the flywheel which will act as a wedge brake. Carefully without too much force, let the pipe wrench be pressed down. The cog will then come off quite easily.

With regards to the cog, there is a screen that covers the rewind. When you remove the screen, return the retention screws in its right place. The cog will be made to stay together in this way and will be reachable by the pipe wrench. After that, get the flywheel stuck into the crank shaft and press it to fit with the aid of a cone shaft having an aperture on the crankshaft. Introducing a shock into the system will be a useful way to achieve this

There are two ways this can be achieved best.The first is to put the crank end of the shaft on shock with a mallet and a piece of wood which is very hard. You should be careful here not to use the steel on steel which will render the crank shaft unusable when it becomes mushroomed. There are useful tools which may be put at the end of the crankshaft as safety guard but they safety tools themselves may even cause different damage. Therefore the watch word is care; use only blows that are minimal and must be at right angle to the on the crankshaft.

If the engine is more than ten years it might become difficult to do this since there may have been some rust of the crank on the flywheel. In this case applying little penetrating oil at the crank interface could help. Using a screw driver with flat head, pry behind the flywheel with maximum care.

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