New Book Release: The Diary of a Snake Charmer

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New York, May 28, 2016 – If you have wanted to explore the road less traveled, and learn from the amazing experiences of others, then here’s a new book that is sure to leave a lasting impact on you.

“The Diary of a Snake Charmer” is written by Sandeep Saxena, who is a Chemical Engineer, MBA, Entrepreneur and Farmer. The book is published by Notion Press and is now available to readers worldiwde through Amazon. You can also preview the first 4 chapters. Please see the links given below.

“It took me seven years to become a snake charmer. I went from one place to another- sometimes running from dangers, sometimes from myself, sometimes from the world. The world changed a lot in these seven years, but what I have learned is timeless – that snake charmers are not born, they are made.”

diary-of-snake-charmer-sandeep-saxenaThus starts a powerful and poignant story around the life of Bharat, an entrepreneur who starts a development project in rural India. His commencement of the project irritates the political mafia and a bunch of hired assassins are on the lookout for Bharat. Chased by the assassins, Bharat runs for his life and in the course of fleeing arrives at the forest hut of an old snake charmer. As fate had it, their union was on the cards. He takes refuge in the snake charmer’s hut and learns about things that will change his life forever.

Nagbaba, the snake charmer, teaches him age-old wisdom and kindles Bharat’s inner strength. He inculcates in him the power to fight back. The place of the snake charmer becomes the center of renaissance for Bharat and together they exchange their perspectives of the world, overcome their fears, and chart a future. But one crucial choice by the snake charmer leaves Bharat in a dilemma.

About the Author:
Sandeep Saxena (41 years) lives on his farm in a small village in central India. He has a passion for establishing natural ecosystems and businesses based on them. After ten years of corporate work, he left his settled job and established Big India Farms (BIF). Prior to that, he had worked in Indian Oil, Infosys, Cognizant and Franklin Templeton India, and lived in multiple countries. The Diary of a Snake Charmer is a fictional tale written by him over a seven year period. Many of the narrations draw their source from his first hand experiences.

About the Publisher:
Notion Press has helped many authors by providing them with its unique Author Incubation Program, which provides the right platform to get published and sell a number of copies in the market. It has been acknowledged by many as a helpful tool to showcase their talent in this challenging field of books and publishing.

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