Calista Offers Affordable Ovulation Testing Kit with 98 Percent Accuracy

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(, November 17, 2009 ) London – Calista is a tried and tested saliva ovulation test used by many women all over the world.

A published clinical study at the University in Rome in 1994 tested 328 women and concluded that the mini-microscope demonstrated about 98 percent accuracy for women wanting to identify their likely fertile period or non-fertile phase during the menstrual cycle.

The Calista Saliva Ovulation microscope helps you know when you will be ovulating based on the levels of estrogen in your body.

Saliva as well as blood and urine are clear measures of hormonal balance in the body. Simply place a drop of saliva on the slide of the microscope and keep a daily watch for the fern-like pattern that appears to tell you your body is ovulating. Read more

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