Role of Hair Transplant Surgery in Treating Baldness or Hair Loss Conditions

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New York, NY – Oct 26, 2015: Baldness or alopecia is a state of reduction in hair volume leading to hair loss and hair miniaturization, which makes people look older by exaggerating existing facial aging. Male pattern baldness is the cause behind a vast majority of cases of hair loss. In fact, when baldness starts showing, a person has already lost about 50% of the original hair volume.

The normal hair density depends on the ethnic group of the patient. For some ethnic groups it can be 150-200 hairs per square centimeter, and for some other ethnic groups, like Dominican men, the normal hair density is at 80-100 hairs per square centimeter.

Baldness is largely the result of a hormone DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) interacting over time with those hair follicles that are vulnerable to its effects. This hormone binds with the receptor sites of these vulnerable follicles and causes a thinning of the hair shaft and follicle over time.

Hair loss is a complex psychological problem because it leads to not only baldness but it also influences the life and living of the people. Therefore, hair transplant surgery is becoming very popular and effective for the people who are becoming bald. It is the only permanent solution for hair loss or baldness, and it can be started at any time or at any age. Because of its permanency and the natural feeling, increasing number of people are opting for modern hair transplant procedures. Read more