TextGuard Announces VoiceGuard(TM) to Its Suite of Mobile Compliance Solutions

http://www.textguard.com/wp-content/themes/textguard/images/logo.jpgOctober 06, 2010  New York, NY: TextGuard, the leading provider of mobile communication compliance solutions, today announced its newest mobile compliance product, VoiceGuard (TM), an application that enables enterprises to record telephone conversations and voicemails on company mobile devices.

VoiceGuard (TM) is currently available for Blackberry devices and can be installed and operational within minutes. The application helps companies achieve their compliance and risk management objectives, reduce losses and supports mobility initiatives.

“Regulations are now in place that requires all electronic communications used for business purposes, including landline calls, email, SMS and instant messaging to be recorded and retained. The recording of mobile voice calls is the next logical step in the regulatory process”, explained Todd Cohan, Founder and CEO of TextGuard. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK is expected to issue its policy statement lifting the mobile phone recording exemption by the end of this year. Once it does so, financial services firms in the UK will have one year to comply with the new regulations. Read more

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