TextGuard Announces Blackberry Enterprise Server Edition to TextGuard Mobile Compliance Solution

TextGuard BES Edition provides immediate solution for capture and archiving of SMS, Blackberry Messenger and PIN-to-PIN messages with greater ease of implementation.


August 04, 2010, New York, NY: TextGuard, the leading provider of mobile communication compliance solutions, today announced the release of its Blackberry Enterprise Server edition to the TextGuard mobile compliance solution that enables enterprises to log, archive, review, extract, and supervise all messaging communication on company mobile devices.  These messages include SMS (text) messages, and for Blackberry devices, BlackBerry Messenger and PIN-to-PIN messages. All mobile messages are identified, collected, and archived, allowing companies to establish meaningful internal compliance policies regarding mobile devices and to meet compliance mandates from all relevant regulatory bodies.

TextGuard’s first edition mobile compliance solution for Blackberry involved the download of client software to the actual Blackberry device. When a message is then sent from a Blackberry device, the client makes a copy of the message and delivers the message to TextGuard’s message archiver where it is encrypted and stored. With TextGuard’s Blackberry Enterprise Server edition, however, the application is installed only once on the customer’s Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), and all messages are captured from that point and sent to TextGuard for archiving.

“We are pleased to now offer our customers a solution that allows for easier provisioning of users since no software has to be installed on the device,” explained TextGuard founder and CEO, Todd Cohan. “In addition, our BES solution is much more ‘tamper-resistant’ since only IT professionals have access to the BES.” The TextGuard BES edition can be installed and operational within a few days and with minimal set-up costs. The BES edition was designed to meet the needs of both large and small companies which are primarily using the Blackberry device for their employee’s mobile communications and have or control a Blackberry enterprise server.

Mobile messaging content, like other forms of electronic communication, is subject to electronic discovery rules, which require organizations to manage and produce electronically stored information (ESI) in a timely and complete manner during litigation. Companies in highly-regulated industries, such as financial services or government, are obligated to preserve communications and to produce these messages when necessary. In addition, SEC and FINRA regulations require financial services firms to regularly review their representatives’ electronic messages, document these visual inspections and note any actions that result. Depending on the industry, failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, loss of license and other administrative sanction. In addition, other non-regulated companies have begun to develop internal policies aimed at monitoring employee dissemination through mobile devices of sensitive company information.

About TextGuard

TextGuard is the leading provider of mobile communication monitoring and archiving solutions and ensures compliance with the rules & regulations of all relevant regulatory bodies. TextGuard Mobile Compliance solutions provide monitoring, capturing, logging, archiving, supervision and alerting of communication on all company mobile devices. TextGuard’s mobile communication compliance solutions are provided on a software as-a-service (SaaS) basis, meaning that mission-critical data is hosted in TextGuard’s state-of-the-art data centers, thus allowing enterprises to avoid large capital expenditures for infrastructure build-out.To learn more, please visit www.textguard.com

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