TextGuard Announces U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework Certification

Certification represents significant milestone in TextGuard’s international expansion


March 08, 2011, New York — TextGuard, the leading provider of mobile communication monitoring, archiving and management solutions, today announced it is now certified under the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework to allow the transfer of personal information between the United States and Europe, further supporting TextGuard’s expansion into Europe.

The European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection which went into effect in 1998 effectively prohibited the transfer of personal data to non-European Union nations that failed to meet the European “adequacy” standard for privacy protection. While the United States and the European Union share the goal of enhancing privacy protection, the United States has taken a different approach to privacy. To bridge these different privacy approaches and provide a streamlined way for U.S. organizations to satisfy the adequacy requirement of the Directive, the U.S. Department of Commerce in consultation with the European Commission developed a “Safe Harbor” framework to help companies navigate in spite of these differences.

“Even with TextGuard’s extreme sensitivity to privacy concerns in the United States, many existing customers have offices overseas and require the transmission of critical data to and from Europe,” explained Todd Cohan, Founder and CEO of TextGuard. “Certifying TextGuard with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework is the next logical step in ensuring our customers that we provide the appropriate privacy protection regardless of geography.”

With TextGuard messaging services, all mobile messages are identified, collected, and archived, allowing companies to achieve their compliance and risk management objectives while supporting their mobility initiatives. TextGuard’s light-weight client applications are installed directly on the mobile device, either over the air or pushed through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and can be operational within minutes. When messages are sent to or from the device, the TextGuard clients makes an encrypted copy of the message and delivers it to TextGuard’s message archive for storage. Other key features of TextGuard services include message thread rebuilding, uninstallation protection, advanced search capabilities and sophisticated monitoring and alert functions.

About TextGuard

TextGuard™ is the leading provider of mobile communication monitoring, archiving and management solutions and ensures compliance with the rules and regulations of all relevant regulatory bodies. TextGuard’s Mobile Compliance Solutions provide monitoring, capturing, logging, archiving, supervision and alerting of all communication on company mobile devices. TextGuard’s mobile communication compliance solutions are provided on a software as-a-service (SaaS) basis and all mission-critical data is hosted in TextGuard’s state-of-the-art data centers. To learn more, please visit: www.textguard.com

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