TextGuard is now MobileGuard and becomes the leader for Mobile Communication Monitoring and Archiving

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http://www.mobileguard.com/wp-content/themes/mobileguard_new/images/logo.pngTextGuard and MobileGuard combine resources to provide the most complete Mobile SMS Monitoring, Archiving and Compliance solution to enterprises and small businesses in the Industry.

New York, NY – January 10, 2013:  MobileGuard’s text message monitoring, archiving and mobile compliance solutions, combined with TextGuard’s five years of experience as well as their patented technology for the system and method for automatic data security, backup and control for mobile devices, creates a company which is second to none for mobile compliance solutions. MobileGuard provides a robust and seamless way to read, monitor and archive text messages as well as MMS messages in any organization.

MobileGuard now provides an even more complete and secure method for companies to capture and view mobile communications online for FINRA, SEC and other regulatory compliance agencies. Text messages, photos, SMS and IM (instant messages) are archived and monitored as well as other forms of mobile communications. The smartphone messages include text (SMS) messages for Android, Blackberry and Apple iPhone, as well as BBM, IM and PIN messages for the Blackberry devices. All mobile messages, including telephone call logs and voice conversations are collected recorded and archived for future auditing and reporting purposes.

With MobileGuard’s MessageGuard, all messages are captured directly from the mobile device using the company’s patented technology and then securely archived in the company’s archiving vault. Once the messages are captured and recorded, they are stored successfully at MobileGuard’s fully secured hosting facility, or forwarded to the customers existing archiving solution such as HP/Autonomy, Smarsh or Symantec’s Enterprise Vault. Customers have the option of either a hosted solution that can be provisioned within hours, or an on-premise model. MobileGuard solutions can be installed, configured and operational with minimal expense and are designed to meet the needs of both enterprises as well as SMB firms.

Companies in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, insurance and government agencies, are obligated to preserve communications and to produce all electronic messages upon request. The SEC and FINRA regulations require financial services firms to regularly review their representatives’ electronic messages, document these visual inspections and note any actions that result. According to FINRA regulation 7-59, “”FINRA expects a firm to have supervisory policies and procedures to monitor ALL electronic communications technology used by the firm and its associated persons to conduct the firm’s business.” Failing to comply with these regulations can result in fines, loss of license and other administrative sanctions.

Many Government agencies fall under the Sunshine Laws or Open Records Act and must provide transparency to the general public regarding all written and electronic communication. All communication including text messaging on mobile devices made by government officials must be accessible to the public due to the freedom of information laws. These laws or acts pertain to elected officials, judges, police and other public employees regarding correspondence that occurs during the course of work.

Many other non-regulated companies have also begun to develop internal policies aimed at monitoring employee dissemination of sensitive company information through mobile devices. Having the ability to intercept and back-up text messages provides a comprehensive solution for all regulated as well as non-regulated industries.

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MobileGuard is the most experienced provider of mobile communication (text message monitoring, SMS and MMS backup) solutions, pioneering the industry over 5 years ago. TextGuard will assume the MobileGuard name because MobileGuard encompasses more than just text with their voice/chat/device compliance solutions that are offered. The company is the leader in mobile compliance. MobileGuard Compliance Solutions provide monitoring, capturing, logging, archiving, supervision, reporting and alerting of all communication on company mobile devices. MobileGuard’s mobile communication compliance solutions are provided as either a hosted platform or as an on-premises solution. To learn more, please visit: MobileGuard.com

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