TextGuard Powers Text Message Capture and Archiving for Smarsh

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TextGuard’s leading mobile device compliance solution now available within Smarsh archiving platform.

July 14, 2010, New York, NY:  TextGuard™, the leading provider of mobile device communications compliance solutions, has announced that it has partnered with Smarsh®, the managed service leader in secure, innovative and reliable email archiving and compliance solutions, to include TextGuard’s mobile messaging capture & archiving solution within the Smarsh archiving and compliance suite of services. With this solution, firms can capture, index, monitor, preserve and produce SMS text message, Blackberry PIN-to-PIN and BlackBerry Messenger message content and metadata for regulatory audits, e-discovery requests and other corporate policy and governance uses.

Today, more than 10,000 organizations work with Smarsh to manage and enforce flexible, secure and cost-effective compliance and records retention strategies and to mitigate risk. The Smarsh hosted archiving solution includes supervision and archiving for electronic communications, including email, instant messaging and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“Smarsh is a proven leader in email archiving and has a solid base of customers in the financial services and other regulated industries,” said TextGuard founder and CEO, Todd Cohan. “Through the Smarsh/TextGuard partnership, those companies can leverage the integration of TextGuard’s text message capture solution into the Smarsh archiving platform, providing a single, secure compliance and policy enforcement solution across all electronic channels.”

With this new mobile messaging module, the Smarsh archiving and compliance platform provides firms with an enterprise-wide disaster recovery solution for all smart phones in the organization. The platform immediately backs up messages, which means that data associated with such devices can be retrieved even if a device is lost or stolen. The Smarsh solution powered by TextGuard provides archiving for SMS text messages, BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN communication and BlackBerry Messenger content. It currently supports BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems. iPhone support will be coming soon.

Mobile messaging content, like other forms of electronic communication, is subject to electronic discovery rules, which require organizations to manage and produce electronically stored information (ESI) in a timely and complete manner during litigation. Organizations in highly-regulated industries, such as government or financial services, are obligated to preserve communications and to produce these messages when necessary. In addition, SEC and FINRA regulations require financial services firms to regularly review their representatives’ electronic messages, document these visual inspections and note any actions that result. Depending on the industry, failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, loss of license and other administrative sanction. In addition, other non-regulated companies have begun to develop policies seeking to monitor employee communication of sensitive company information through mobile devices.

About TextGuard
TextGuard is the leading provider of mobile device communication compliance solutions. With TextGuard™ for text message capture, IMGuard™ for mobile instant message capture and VoiceGuard™ for mobile voice call capture, TextGuard offers a one-stop shop for all of your compliance needs when it comes to mobile devices. TextGuard’s solutions are customized to meet the unique compliance regulations of the financial services, health care, legal, government industries and are offered as software as a service (SaaS) or as an “on premises” solution and can be easily integrated with a company’s existing archiving solution.

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